The global analysis of proteins, which are the key functional entities in the cell, arguably forms the principal level of information required to understand how cells function; such analysis is referred to as proteomics

Next-generation proteomics: towards an integrative view of proteome dynamics, Nature Reviews Genetics (2013)

We develop and implement innovative MS-based proteomics technologies for the efficient and detailed characterization of proteins, protein complexes and their post-translational modifications (PTMs) in relation to their biological function in health and disease. Main focus is on cancer proteomics and neurodegenerative diseases where we implement multi-omics approaches to understand system-wide biological responses to perturbations. High-throughput (phospho)proteomics complemented with targeted MS technologies are used to decipher proteome dynamics.

Position and Projects

Currently looking for a postdoc with experience in proteomics

We are always looking for talented candidates. Are you an excellent researcher in the field of Proteomics, bioinformatics or computational biology and you like to combine this with interesting biological questions? Please send me an email with your CV and a letter of motivation.


In recent years we have developed new proteomics methods ranging from improved separation and enrichment methodologies to new fragmentation techniques and targeted analysis of post-translation modifications (PTMs). These improvements enable us to decipher the complexity of the human proteome, consisting of dynamic protein-protein interactions, PTMs, protein synthesis and degradation, protein complex assembly and disassembly, etc. To further advance the impact of our proteomics tools in the biological and clinical setting, smooth integration with other omics technologies such as genomics and metabolomics is a prerequisite.

For this position, we seek a highly motivated biochemist or analytical chemist with proven expertise in mass spectrometry and proteomics. Having your own project, you will join a team of dedicated researchers combining expertise in biochemistry, analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics on a variety of systems to answer pressing biological questions.